Barbagallo Ferrari hold annual Ferrari-Only Track Day

Barbagallo Ferrari hold their annual Ferrari only Track Day

The Barbagallo track days have become famous worldwide with racers, trainers and driving identities from all over coming to participate and watch. The Barbagallo Ferrari Track Days are no different and this year the Perth based Ferrari dealership took it up a level by involving the very talented race drivers/instructors at Arise Racing.

The day started with one on one lessons for each attendee at the track day, with an Arise Racing Instructor where the owner could really be encouraged to push their car to limit in a safe and structured environment.

During lunch all owners were told to bring the cars in so that they could all enjoy a sit down lunch together, where owners and Ferrari Club Members are encouraged to socialize and get to know each other. During this time, our 4 Pista owners and 1 Speciale owner were taken down to the track for a special photo shoot as we all know how rare and special it is to get so many Pista’s/Speciale owners together in the one place.

After lunch the track opened as a free for all and the owners and Barbagallo Ferrari staff enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, driving their cars and really curating that special bond Ferrari owners have with their cars.

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